“Jeremy Saunders is one of the most interesting poster designers working today”

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The world of key art has changed. Not just physically, with a shift away from printed artwork to screen-based images, but also in terms of the nature of key art itself, and what it represents. It’s still the most concise and direct window into the world of the film, but with trailers only ever a click away, the responsibility and the role of key art has changed utterly over the last ten years.

I firmly believe that only a strong and unique campaign can hope to cut through to its market.

Every project is unique and worth celebrating. Every project deserves strong, distinctive and unique artwork.

It is a deep responsibility and great privilege to help present creative work to the world, and every project is a fresh opportunity to explore and create exciting and enticing new directions in marketing.

This ongoing drive to continually create cutting-edge, beautiful work, has encouraged me to deliver outstanding marketing campaigns across genres and around the planet, again and again.

A complete filmography is available here.


“Film poster designer extraordinaire, Saunders has created some of the most beautiful, provocative, bold film posters in Australia, both for local and international films.  Above all, his artwork is always relevant to the film’s artistic vision and look – sometimes better than the film itself”

Encore Magazine