Nice Work #2

Rosemary’s Baby, by Stephen Frankfurt, 1968 Ah, here we are. A bona fide classic, by a bona fide advertising guy. Or maybe not. Let’s just acknowledge this so it can be got out of the way at the beginning: Steve Frankfurt is credited as the creative director for this work. The work fell under his aegis and so, while acknowledging…

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Nice Work #1

Nordeste, designed by Egil Haraldsen, 2005 “Generally I would say that there are too many designers who follow the international trends rather than think for themselves. Of course, society needs more aesthetes. I will be happy to be a politically independent Minister of Taste for future governments – and I shall have unlimited power, a large screen and be allowed…

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Despite the Gods

This is a pretty interesting film about filmmaking, spiritual journeys and cultural differences (and especially cultural differences to filmmaking as a spiritual journey). I didn’t realise Jennifer Lynch was only 19 when she did (the much underrated) Boxing Helena. Imagine being at the centre of that shitstorm, with all the pressure that would come with being the daughter of the…

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Hesher (Sundance)

Sadly I do not know who the illustration was done by, it’s really amazing – I can’t claim credit, I just did some editing and turned it into a poster. After careful consideration I decided that this should really be seen, rather than not seen, and my site is as good a place as any to show it.

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