In the Room Where He Waits

New work by me: Key art for this intriguing lockdown thriller by Timothy Despina Marshall. A queer theatre actor waits in a hotel room before his father’s funeral, increasingly convinced there is someone or something in the room with him.
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Dark City: The Cleaner Version B

Here be the ‘Version B’ version. Such great on set photography for this show, it was an absolute delight to work on. Not sure if this one was going to be used, but it’s just randomly popped up on the internet for me to see…
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Dark City: The Cleaner (version A)

Finally able to share this with you – some key art for a change! Dark City: The Cleaner is about Joe, a cleaner at Christchurch police station, who is privy to the details of their hunt for a brutal killer of seven people. Which concerns…
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okay, one more to start 2024

Thanks to all my lovely clients who made this year my most productive in a long while. Always nice to work with good people on a wide range of projects that run the cutural gamut, which is surely the sign of a healthy industry.  Lots…
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