Various Scribbling


A Landscape of Fear

This article was originally written for The Territories in 2015. The Sum Total of my Understanding of the Australian Landscape Prior to my Arriving in Australia I’m, what, seven years old. The slowly-forming bush paintings of Rolf Harris as painted during his 1970s heyday Rolf…
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Nice Work #3

The Social Network, Neil Kellerhouse, 2010 In advertising I don’t think you can be disingenuous at all. With social media and the speed of communication you have to be really honest and up front about what you have with your property and be true to…
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Nice Work #2

Rosemary’s Baby, by Stephen Frankfurt, 1968 Ah, here we are. A bona fide classic, by a bona fide advertising guy. Or maybe not. Let’s just acknowledge this so it can be got out of the way at the beginning: Steve Frankfurt is credited as the…
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Nice Work #1

Nordeste, designed by Egil Haraldsen, 2005 “Generally I would say that there are too many designers who follow the international trends rather than think for themselves. Of course, society needs more aesthetes. I will be happy to be a politically independent Minister of Taste for…
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