Ethics Policy

Through our work, each of us have the opportunity and the responsibility to put our system of basic values into action — to model the behaviour that we want to see in the world.

Creating these designs to promote works of art, I believe have ethical responsibilities to:

  • the client in the nature of my dealings with them and the work I produce for them;
  • the audience in the content and truthfulness of the marketing I create;
  • the actors in the way their image is presented and manipulated;
  • the culture in presenting images that recognise their responsibility in promoting behaviour, tolerance and the progress of an inclusive society;
  • my colleagues across the world in respecting the sanctity of their images and ideas and treating them with respect;
  • myself and my staff in terms of presenting our time and work as worthwhile and worthy of fair treatment and remuneration.

I believe that only a design that is fundamentally truthful will truly succeed, and that design without ethics is simply decoration.