Architect of Evil

Here’s an interview I did with Matt’s Movie Reviews about the Antichrist poster. Architect of Evil: Interview with Jeremy Saunders (2009)
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Cinetology Interview

“Regardless of whether it’s a physical poster, a graphic on a web page or a DVD cover, it’s still the most direct shorthand we have to describe the world of the film,” he says. “I don’t think that’s going to go away. At least I…
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Interview with Australian Edge

Jeremy Saunders arrived in Sydney from the UK in 2000, and has been working as a Key Art Designer on many of the big Australian films since. Designing posters for Candy, Little Fish, Suburban Mayhem, Macbeth and most recently for Samson & Delilah. Interview is…
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Interview with Inside Film (full version)

Jeremy Saunders is one of the best key art designers in the Australian film industry, and has designed posters for Suburban Mayhem, Candy, Little Fish, Romulus My Father, The Square and most recently contributed to the art for Dying Breed. Using his poster for The Square as a template,…
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Interview with Design Federation

From self taught deviant Artist, to producing posters for some of Australia’s biggest films, Jeremy Saunders lets us inside his mental space. Be warned; Photoshop and LE are mentioned in the same sentence! Interview is here (2007)
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Last Night with Riviera

Matt Riviera has some lovely things to say about me and my work. Which is nice. Further aggrandising here (2006)
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