ethics policy

Through our work, each of us have the opportunity and the responsibility to put our system of basic values into action — to model the behaviour that we want to see in the world.

I believe that design without ethics is simply decoration, and while aesthetics are a key component of graphics, design is best approached as providing solutions to problems creatively, thoughtfully, carefully, and as an expression of purpose. To that end, when creating designs, I believe have ethical responsibilities to:

  • THE CLIENT in the nature of my dealings with them and the work I produce for them;
  • THE AUDIENCE in the content and truthfulness of the marketing I create;
  • THE TALENT in the way their image is presented and manipulated;
  • THE CULTURE in presenting images that recognise their responsibility in promoting behaviour, tolerance and the progress of an inclusive society;
  • THE PLANET in producing works that are designed to optimise responsible use and minimise waste, and offset carbon used in my part of production and creation;
  • DESIGNERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS across the world in respecting the sanctity of their images and ideas and treating them with respect;
  • MYSELF AND MY TEAM in terms of presenting our time and work as worthwhile and worthy of fair treatment and remuneration.

regarding ai

None of the work on this website has used any form of the generative MML models or tools that are somewhat misleadingly referred to as ‘AI’.

While I am very interested in the development of technology and its part in all our futures, I have yet to see anything produced by MML programs as anything other than reflective, reductive production – a rather limited (and ecologically disastrous) pastiche engine.

While I wouldn’t claim anything I have ever produced has broken the mould, it has all been produced intentionally, with feeling and – yes, with the appropriate bashful shrug – with as much soul as I can muster. I think that shows through, and hope it will continue to do so, and matter to those who see it.