Internships, Employment and Mentoring


There are no internships available. In addition to largely being scams whereby employers exploit enthusiasm in exchange for very little actual ‘work experience’ (especially, you know, the being paid bit), they particularly disenfranchise folks who are without the benefit of wealthy support networks. So we don’t do internships, and if you’ve got any common sense or self-respect, neither should you.

Work Experience

Ditto, but with the grisly bonus of screwing over children.

Employment Opportunities & Freelancing

I’ve tried being a boss, and I wasn’t amazing at it. I’m not saying I’m amazing at design, but at least I can do it without shrivelling into a ball in the corner of the office most days. I don’t want to run staff, do timesheets, or project manage. I want to design stuff. That’s why I became a designer.

I do occasionally come across jobs for which I have a great idea but not the technical or artistic aptitude to create it. This particularly applies to work involving illustration, or 3d modelling. If you think you might like the occasional opportunity to work on some low-paid, low prestige work like this (gestures around the website), then please send me through your contact details and a link to your folio and some details about your skills, and I will put you in some kind of hastily-assembled, rickety database and get in touch with you brandishing money should I require your particular flavour of talent. You have nothing to lose! And very little to gain quite honestly, but again, nothing to lose.

As per the Ethical Design Manifesto I firmly believe that only a wonderfully diverse group of people creating selfishly can create wonderful, diverse work, and as such I would be delighted to receive folios from anyone, but in particular I would like to strongly encourage people who aren’t straight white men, as that demographic is pretty well covered by me.


Sure, why not. Send me your questions and when I get a minute I’ll answer them. Again, I’d like to particularly encourage those of you who aren’t white guys to pipe up (which, let’s be clear, is not the same as discouraging white guys who would like to pipe up from doing so).